A Fall Wedding in Kingston, Ontario

The Fall is becoming one of the most popular times of the year for weddings for us.  For good reason too.  We’d like you to meet Shalagh and Troy who were married in Kingston, Ontario.  Kingston is such an amazing town to have and capture a wedding.  It threatened rain all day but held off till we had just finished all of our outdoor shots, then rained the rest of the night.  No one minded though as the party went on to late into the night.  Shalagh started her day prepping at the Frontenac Club Inn followed by the wedding at St. Mary’s Cathedral.  Congratulations Shalagh and Troy.

Shalagh and Troy-01Shalagh and Troy-03Shalagh and Troy-04

Have to love pumpkins in a pictureShalagh and Troy-05Shalagh and Troy-06Shalagh and Troy-07Shalagh and Troy-08Shalagh and Troy-09

Dad’s pride and joy – his daughter Shalagh first, the car second.Shalagh and Troy-12Shalagh and Troy-13Shalagh and Troy-14Shalagh and Troy-15Shalagh and Troy-17Shalagh and Troy-18Shalagh and Troy-19Shalagh and Troy-20Shalagh and Troy-21

There really were a lot of guests, it just St. Mary’s in Kingston is a very big church.Shalagh and Troy-22Shalagh and Troy-23Shalagh and Troy-24Shalagh and Troy-25Shalagh and Troy-26Shalagh and Troy-27

Can’t resist doing something creative like this when I see such a beautiful door in a church.Shalagh and Troy-29Shalagh and Troy-30Shalagh and Troy-31

Shalagh bought this lounge specifically for pictures on her wedding day.Shalagh and Troy-32Shalagh and Troy-33Shalagh and Troy-35Shalagh and Troy-36Shalagh and Troy-37Shalagh and Troy-38Shalagh and Troy-39Shalagh and Troy-40Shalagh and Troy-41Shalagh and Troy-42


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