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Welcome to my Blog.  Where to begin.  I wanted to have a Blog to have something to try to keep in touch with people with regards to my Photographic business.  My plan is to run it out of Belleville, Ontario and service the Quinte and surrounding regions.   Why Belleville you ask?  Several reasons spring to mind, not the least is really wanting to get out of the Toronto area.  Just too much traffic.  I grew up in Belleville in a home surrounded by cameras.  My Mom and Dad ran a very successful photographic business out of their home from 1960 to 1997.  It’s pretty hard to grow up like that and not be “exposed” (pun intended) to great photography.  I spent most of my school years with a camera around my neck and when I wasn’t taking pictures, I was in the darkroom seeing what I managed to capture.  Fast forward to around 2004.  Photography had always been something I loved to do, but it wasn’t until the digital age caught up with it and digital SLR’s were really starting to rival the quality and flexibility of film that I began to regain some of that passion.  The past few years, I’ve been spending a massive amount of time catching up to current photography.  This is what I’ve decided to pursue for the long term and this is where I’ll keep you up to date on the journey.  I’m concentrating on Weddings and Portraits and I want to capture not only beautiful images, but also the emotional impact of these days.  A wedding usually only happens once in your lifetime and when you look through your wedding album, you need to feel that it is not simply a bunch of pictures from your day, but a treasured piece of Art to share with family and friends.

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